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Designed and built in March 2020, Solace chair was made during a time of uncertainty for the studio. As the world changed dramatically around us, we took time to focus on something new and positive, finding solace in the process. 

+  Pine, plywood, plaster, paint, beeswax and brass.

+  600 W x 400 D x 730mm H

+  Email for details, pricing and lead times


Aegis Vase is a vessel created by blowing a large gathering of white glass into a brass cage. The rigid, angular form of the metal structure is contrasted with the organic, mouth-blown nature of the glass. Aegis (pronounced EE-jis) means "a form of protection", thus posing the question; is the cage protecting the glass from us, or protecting us from the glass?

+  Aged Brass and White Glass

+  250mm diameter, 480mm H

+  Email for details, pricing and lead times

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