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Aegis Vase is a vessel created by blowing a large gathering of white glass into a brass cage. The rigid, angular form of the metal structure is contrasted with the organic, mouth-blown nature of the glass. Aegis (pronounced EE-jis) means "a form of protection", thus posing the question; is the cage protecting the glass from us, or protecting us from the glass?

+  Aged Brass and White Glass

+  Aegis Vase 350: 350mm H, 180mm diameter

+ Aegis Vase 450:  450mm H, 250mm diameter

+  Email for details, pricing and lead times

Aegis Vase


Altus Hall Table is inspired by Fransisco Sobrino's optical art sculptures of the late 20th Century. 

+  Made from solid brass and Four Seasons Quartzite.

+  1800 L x 400 D x 900mm H

+ Also available at 1120 L x 380 D x 900mm H

+  Email for details, pricing and lead times

Altus Hall Table 1800
Altus Hall Table 1120


Clawfoot Coffee Table is our interpretation of the "ball & claw" concept, a motif with origins in Chinese art, and eventually reinterpreted by European designers since the 1700's. In Chinese mythology, the dragon's claw would be guarding the ball, symbolic of wisdom and purity. 

+  Made from solid brass, Four Seasons Quartzite and cast purple glass.

+  Large: 930 L x 650 W x 400mm H

+  Small: 800 L x 530 W x 320mm H

+  Email for details, pricing and lead times

Clawfoot Coffee Table Large
Clawfoot Coffee Table Small


Our hardware collection is constructed from solid brass and influenced by Art Deco architecture. Waxed as standard, brass will age, patinate and polish beautifully when exposed to hand oils, the elements and wear. 

+  Made from solid brass

+  Distance Door Pull Large: 700 H x 80 W x 100mm D

+  Distance Door Pull Small: 350 H x 80 W x 100mm D

+  A version without the back plate is also available.

+  Email for details, pricing and lead times

Distance Door Pull 350
Distance Door Pull 700