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Lighting: PENDANT

ALTUS Pendant

Altus is inspired by Francisco Sobrino's optical art sculptures of the late 20th century, 

as well as Arts & Crafts architecture.

+  Made to order 

+  Brass, Glass, LED

+  Available at 750 H, 1000 H, 1500mm H 

+ 2-tiers: 1700mm H or 3-tiers: 3000mm H

+  Custom stacked combinations available on request

+  Integrates 12V Dimmable LED

+  Email for details, pricing and lead times.

Specification Sheets

Altus 750 Pendant

Altus 1000 Pendant

Altus 1500 Pendant

Altus 2-tier Pendant

Altus 3-tier Pendant

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Whether its skeletal form has been unearthed by an archeological dig, or dragged from a ruined factory in eastern Europe, this fixture is from a different age. An age where design - be it natural or human - had to be brutal.

+  Made to order 

+  Brass, Acrylic, LED

+  Available at 900, 1250, 1800mm

+  Custom lengths and vertical format available on request.

+  Integrates 12V Dimmable LED

+  Email for details, pricing and lead times.

Specification Sheets

COLOSSAL 900 Pendant​​

COLOSSAL 1250 Pendant

COLOSSAL 1800 Pendant

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Specification Sheets

COVENANT  750 Pendant​​

COVENANT  1000 Pendant​​

COVENANT  1250 Pendant

COVENANT  1500 Pendant

COVENANT CAPSULE 1500 X 750 Pendant

​​COVENANT CAPSULE 1800 X 750 Pendant 

​​COVENANT CAPSULE 2400 X 900 Pendant


Covenant takes cues from vertebrate anatomy, or more specifically, the spine of a snake. 

Clad with interlocking slices of white glass and brass hardware, Covenant exudes the 

elegance of a classic chandelier while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic.

+  Made to order 

+  Brass, white glass, LED

+  Available at 750, 1000, 1250 and 1500mm diameter.

+  Larger sizes and capsule shape available on request.

+  Integrates12V DC Dimmable LED

+  Email for details, pricing and lead times

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